Top Internet Stock Showdown: (AMZN) vs. Alphabet (GOOGL)

The pandemic has undeniably hastened the world’s dependency on the Internet, from the global shift to remote and hybrid work models to the unparalleled surges in gaming, streaming, and AR/VR adoption. The Internet has unequivocally occupied a central and enduring position in this paradigm shift.

Given this context, I evaluated two internet stocks,, Inc. (AMZN – Get Rating) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL – Get Rating), to determine which could be a better pick for investors. Before examining the highlighted stocks, let’s first delve into the dynamics of the Internet industry.

With the global surge in digitalization, both businesses and individuals have grown ever more dependent on swift and uninterrupted internet connectivity. As of April 2023, the worldwide tally of internet users reached 5.18 billion, constituting a substantial 64.6% of the global population, according to Statista.

The industry is witnessing significant growth as businesses bolster their online presence, broaden their product range, expand their market reach, and operate continuously on multiple e-commerce platforms. This year, the global e-commerce market is expected to reach $6.30 trillion, with forecasts exceeding $8.10 trillion by 2026.

The rise of 5G technology is further catalyzing the internet sector’s rapid expansion, delivering swifter internet speeds and heightened connectivity. Concurrently, the deployment of fixed wireless access, cloud-based infrastructure, and the growing embrace of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are solidifying the industry’s prospects.

Going forward, the global wireless internet services market is estimated to grow at a 7% CAGR, reaching $921.97 billion by 2027, as per a report by ReportLinker. As a result, both AMZN and GOOGL are expected to benefit from the industry’s tailwinds.

AMZN has gained 4.9% over the past month compared to GOOGL’s 3.1% gain. Also, AMZN has jumped 12.5% over the past three months, compared to GOOGL’s 9.7% rise during the same period.

Moreover, AMZN has surged 44.6% over the past nine months to close the last trading session at $138.12, while GOOGL has surged by 34.3% during the same time frame to close the last trading session at $135.66.

But which Internet stock could be a better pick? Let’s find out…

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