These 2 Stocks Can Deliver Holiday Cheer

The air is crisp and chilly, leaves are starting to fall…and there are only 38 days to Black Friday! But fear not, we’ve got the stocks of two companies everyone else will be shopping at…so if you own them maybe you can afford your own happy holidays.

First, for the young and young at heart. I know I’ve attended quite a few holiday, and birthday parties myself at this one, Build-a-bear Workshop (BBW – Get Rating). Build-a-bear is taking its marketing a step further this holiday season with their own Christmas themed movie releasing in theaters November 3…Glisten and the Merry Mission (no charge for the promo BBW).

If you’ve never been to a Build-a-bear Workshop, or always wondered what went on in their stores as you passed it at the mall, BBW is in the business of, well, building bears.

The company runs brick-and-mortar stores where kids and adults alike can pick an animal (it doesn’t have to be a bear) and then purchase “options” such as clothing, an implanted device that makes your stuffed bear talk, or you can even deck your new stuffed animal out in your favorite sports team’s gear.

Build-a-bear operates over 500 of these physical locations, many in malls, as well as an online store where you can “build” your stuffed animal via an interactive 3D workshop and have it delivered right to your door.

And, if you think building bears isn’t a great business, well, you’re not smarter than the average bear. In its latest quarter BBW reported a diluted EPS increase of…

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