Rate Cuts in 2024 Could Be a Goldmine for These 2 Stocks

Very rarely does a bell sound at the bottom, or top, of an economic cycle. One of the most important of the economic cycles is the interest rate cycle. And, the market thinks it is hearing a bell in the distance with the release of the latest inflation numbers.

If inflation is falling fast enough to allow the Federal Reserve to lower rates in the first half of 2024, one of the biggest beneficiaries of that rate cut will be housing and housing related stocks. Thus the huge jump in those stocks the past few days. Two companies that will benefit from that rate move, but that aren’t trading at all time highs like some of the homebuilder stocks, are Alarm.com Holdings (ALRM – Get Rating) and Armstrong World Industries (AWI – Get Rating).

Alarm.com Holdings (ALRM – Get Rating) operates as both a technology provider and licensing company, partnering with security system installers and other home and commercial security systems. The company provides video surveillance backed by AI technology that can identify and differentiate between a number of characteristics of the subject captured on video. The Alarm.com system not only knows if the “movement” at your door is a neighbor’s dog or a person, but can tell exactly who that person is, and not set off an alert if it’s just your spouse coming home with the groceries.

And if your first thought is that Alarm.com is a glorified Ring doorbell, not exactly. Alarm.com recently purchased an AI video analytics company, integrating both the technology, as well as the engineering and development team, into the ALRM company.

A perfect example of the ALRM technology in action is how it’s been used recently by hospitals. To avoid direct contact between…

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