Forget Disney, Buy These 3 Streaming Stocks Instead

Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus, is certainly garnering rave reviews. However, there are plenty of other streaming services available outside of Disney Plus…

 If you are hesitant to hop on the streaming bandwagon, consider the fact that around 90% of all households in America subscribe to at least one streaming service. Even if you do not subscribe to a streaming service or do not think highly of any particular service, it is important to recognize the fact that more and more people are cutting the cord on cable in favor of a la carte streaming services.

Let’s shift the spotlight off of Disney for a moment to focus on three alternative streaming stocks that every investor should consider adding to his or her portfolio: Apple (AAPL), (AMZN), and Roku (ROKU).

Apple (AAPL)

Apple TV is gradually growing in popularity. AAPL recently partnered with Genius Brands to feature the company’s educational entertainment cartoon programming on its streaming service, dubbed Apple TV, available for a mere $4.99 per month. This content addition is just one component of AAPL’s streaming strategy. AAPL does plenty more than provide a streaming service so investors should not hesitate to invest in this electronics stalwart. Additional examples of AAPL offerings include Apple phones, the company’s App Store, AppleCare, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and more.AAPL has an “A” grade in the POWR Ratings Trade Grade component. The stock also has “B” grades in the Industry Rank, Peer Grade, and Buy & Hold Grade components. AAPL is ranked in the top five of 30 in the Technology – Hardware space.

Take a look at the analysts’ opinions on AAPL and you will find they paint a rosy picture, setting an average price target of $126.45, meaning there is the potential for the stock to increase by 5%. AAPL should return to the $130-$135 range where it traded in September, fueled by an increase in Apple TV subscriptions resulting from the second wave of the coronavirus. (AMZN)

AMZN’s seemingly ubiquitous delivery trucks are replacing malls, stand-alone retail stores, and other brick-and-mortar shopping facilities, bringing products directly to customers. However, AMZN does plenty more than sell and deliver products. The company’s Amazon Prime streaming service is rapidly growing in popularity. Featuring hit titles such as…

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