5 Healthcare Stocks to REJUVENATE Your Portfolio

As the coronavirus began its assault, it became clear that doctor’s offices, hospitals, and dentist’s offices were areas where the disease was spreading.

The world quickly adapted to this reality by isolating and separating those who had symptoms. Additionally, all non-emergency medical and dental treatment was halted. In recent weeks, these services are being…

restarted with an increased level of precaution with PPE, social distancing, and increased cleaning.

Medical stocks will benefit from this reopening and should flourish for the rest of 2020 as people once again can see their medical practitioners.

Here are 5 healthcare stocks which can help rejuvenate your portfolio:

Abott Laboratories (ABT)

ABT manufactures and sells healthcare products around the globe, specializing in Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, Vascular, and Nutritional products.

ABT is now on the front line of coronavirus testing. The company has launched its ID NOW COVID-19 rapid test which is being used in nursing homes and urgent care clinics. It is the fastest-growing PCR test in the market today, thanks to its ability to deliver results within five minutes.

This is just one of five tests developed by the company that has received authorization by the FDA for emergency use.

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