4 Leading Energy Stocks to Buy in 2023 and Beyond

Fundamentally sound energy stocks Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), Berry Corporation (BRY), Unit Corporation (UNTC), and Epsilon Energy Ltd. (EPSN) could be ideal investments to capitalize on their potential upsides driven by steadily increasing demand from Asian economies amid constrained supplies due to turbulent geopolitics.

To gain a better understanding of each of these stocks, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the energy sector.

Energy prices climbed significantly in the first quarter of 2022, driven by solid demand and supply-side imbalances exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, the redrawing of the global energy map since the conflict began has been nothing short of a windfall for U.S. energy producers. The United States has “gone from (being) a very domestically focused market into an international powerhouse.”

Despite oil and gas prices retreating from their peaks due to macroeconomic uncertainties caused by inflation and high-interest rates, global energy demand is still expected to increase by 1.3% in 2023 amid Europe’s increasing reliance on American shipments feeding the Texas export boom, Russia announcing a voluntary production cut of 500,000 barrels a day in response to…

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