3 Undervalued Tech Stocks to Watch

With promising growth prospects of the tech industry, fueled by the widespread adoption of advanced technologies amid rapid digitalization across various sectors, it seems wise to load up on undervalued, fundamentally sound tech stocks Brother Industries, Ltd. (BRTHY – Get Rating), Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (VSH – Get Rating), and EchoStar Corporation (SATS – Get Rating) for potential gains. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Modern technology, encompassing smart devices, advanced computers, and intricate engineering equipment, has integrated nearly every aspect of our lives. The technology industry’s colossal magnitude and rapid digital transformation across several industries have cemented its position as a dominating player in the global economy.

Companies are heavily investing in technology and its management services. For instance, the growing corporate shift toward cloud-based software. Cloud computing has enabled users to access system features and files without the need for local storage, accommodating the exponential growth in data usage during the digital era.

Furthermore, the vast popularity and adoption of several advanced technologies among individuals and enterprises, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), AR&VR, 5G, and machine learning, propel the tech industry’s growth.

Despite ongoing economic turbulence, tech spending will likely increase worldwide in 2023. Gartner forecasts global IT spending to reach…

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