3 Stocks Bringing AI to the Masses

AI applications are evolving rapidly. For companies to make money off of the new technology, they need consumers to accept using AI as part of their daily lives. Meta Platforms (META) took a big step toward making AI user friendly this week, making the AI interaction seem like a chat with a popular celebrity, or just another member of your friend group. 

Don’t get me wrong, ChatGPT and Claude are great applications, but most people aren’t willing to become “Prompt Engineers” just to find out where the best pizza is near them. To capture the large consumer market, companies like Meta have to dumb down (yes, ironic when speaking of AI) the interface so it’s very simple to use. 

Introducing AI bots based on popular media and historic characters to provide both search results, and an AI “buddy” to chat with on Instagram, or via WhatsApp, is a big step in the right direction. As Ahmad Al-Dahle, METAs VP of Generative AI put it, “You don’t have to pull yourself out of context to interact or engage or get the assistant to help you.” It’s what the social media and marketing geeks like to call being “native” to the platform. 

Meta and Zuckerberg have been chastised in the business press as being behind in the AI game. But with this latest announcement it appears they were just taking some time to get it right…

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