3 Shorted Stocks That Could Be Making a Comeback

Despite the potential of EVgo, Inc. (EVGO), Amyris, Inc. (AMRS), and COMPASS Pathways plc (CMPS) springing a surprise during the earnings season, their less-than-ideal fundamentals deem it wise to avoid placing any long-term bets on these heavily shorted stocks.

In 2021, easy money, unprecedented hype created by retail investors on social media forums, the excitement of trading, and a desire to short-squeeze came together to send some stocks into a frenzy.

This time around, even the slightest of positive developments could make speculators go overboard with optimism and trigger a rally among heavily shorted stocks. Hence, while sellers might have to bear the brunt, their weak fundamentals don’t deem it wise to keep holding on to such stocks either.

In the above context, let us look closely at the featured stocks…

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