3 Healthcare Stocks Leading the Industry

Despite the past few months being challenging for the financial markets with the rising fear of recession, the healthcare industry is perfectly equipped to brave most market challenges thanks to its non-cyclical nature and the rising demand for healthcare services.

Given this backdrop, investing in the healthcare industry would be a lucrative choice. So, it could be wise to check out healthcare stocks Humana Inc. (HUM), Centene Corporation (CNC), and Molina Healthcare, Inc. (MOH). With strong fundamentals and solid growth prospects, these stocks seem to lead the industry.

Investing in the healthcare industry tends to act as a defensive layer to your investment portfolio as individuals typically do not cut back on prescription drug accession, delay medical processes, or cancel appointments solely due to a sluggish economy.

Moreover, as the global population ages and the prevalence of chronic diseases increases, the demand for healthcare products and services is expected to continue growing in the coming years. In addition, the development of new drugs, successful trial results, and collaborative agreements expanding their reach and offerings should help the healthcare industry.

Global health expenditure is expected to

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