3 Foreign Bank Stocks Primed for Untapped Growth in 2024

2023 presented a challenging landscape for banking institutions as they grappled with operational and macroeconomic hurdles. However, banks skillfully navigated these obstacles. Aided by rising interest rates, banks managed to boost their top-line growth.

Furthermore, the anticipated continuation of this high-interest environment poses a profitable future, with the prospect of increasing net interest income and margins. Given this backdrop, foreign banks Akbank T.A.S. (AKBTY – Get Rating), KB Financial Group Inc. (KB – Get Rating), and Erste Group Bank AG (EBKDY – Get Rating) could be solid buys for 2024.

Foreign banks offer various services and products to American customers, catering to both individual and corporate clients who run operations in the U.S. Central banks worldwide have implemented measures to buffer their economies from the 2020 pandemic-induced financial downturn, including reducing benchmark interest rates to historic lows. Although beneficial for immediate economic recovery, these measures have significantly eaten into bank profitability.

The journey to economic recovery presents its challenges, with progress inconsistent in developed nations housing major foreign banks and emerging nations. This inconsistency has caused global disruption in banking operations.

As many foreign banks may possess federal and state-chartered offices within the U.S., the Federal Reserve holds significant influence over their domestic operations. The decision by the Fed to increase the benchmark interest rate signifies an encouraging shift for the banking sector; higher interest rates prompt a rise in banks’ net interest income.

Although these higher rates typically favor banks, they can also limit loan growth by inflating borrowing and deposit costs. That said, anticipated reductions could stimulate demand for goods and services, thereby catalyzing an increase in bank lending.

Moreover, several foreign banks are pursuing extensive business restructuring efforts, divesting or closing non-critical operations to concentrate more on their core businesses and regions. Although these restructuring measures are expected to spur long-term growth, they have led to a short-term rise in expenses. Technology-related costs are predicted to continue posing some degree of hindrance to banks’ bottom-line growth in the near term.

In light of these trends, let’s look at the fundamentals of the three fundamentally strong Foreign Banks stocks, beginning with…

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