3 Dividend Stocks Paying More Than 4% That Can Help Diversify Your Portfolio

Earning dividend income is a great way to grow your portfolio in value. But diversifying where that dividend income is earned is important as well: If you only rely on dividend stocks in similar industries, you could be exposed to too much risk.

Below are three stocks that can provide you with some great yields, while adding plenty of diversification…

1. Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVS) provides a great way to benefit from the gambling industry in both the U.S. and Asian markets. Resorts like the Venetian and the Palazzo are some of the company’s most prized possessions on the Las Vegas Strip, and are popular locations for many tourists. But what makes Las Vegas Sands an even stronger investment is that its growth prospects aren’t limited to the U.S. market: Asia could be an even more lucrative option, and it also provides an added layer of diversification.

While there are concerns about the struggling Chinese market and what that might mean for Las Vegas Sands, over the long term, there could be a lot of growth potential in that part of the world. And with properties in Macao, a top resort destination in China, Las Vegas Sands could stand to benefit.

Trade worries about China, combined with some lackluster results in 2019, have resulted in Las Vegas Sands stock rising just 6% through the first nine months of the year. The good news is that with a dividend yielding around 5.3%, investors would have gotten a big boost from their quarterly payouts.

While there’s some risk in Las Vegas Sands, over the long term the opportunities certainly look to outweigh the risks.

2. Medical Properties Trust

Medical Properties Trust (NYSE:MPW) is a much more stable option. While the growth opportunities may not be as significant in this real estate investment trust (REIT), Medical Properties has a mix of hospitals in its portfolio that make it a terrific option for diversifying. Not only does it have a variety of hospitals in many states throughout the U.S., but it also has many properties in Europe as well.

Unlike REITs that depend on retailers, Medical Properties has a much more consistent and stable collection of properties that help make its financials strong. Over the past two years, revenues have been north of $700 million, with the company being able to generate operating incomes of at least $515 million during those years as well. And with free cash flow more than doubling from $207 million in 2015 to $449 million this past year, its 5.1% dividend yield looks that much better, giving investors little reason to be concerned about its safety…

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