2 Stocks to Buy Today, 1 to Sell

The publishing industry, which provides multifaceted information to people worldwide, is well-placed to remain buoyed in the upcoming months, thanks to content digitization and rapid technological advancements.

Given this backdrop, let us explore publishing stocks MultiChoice Group Limited (MCHOY – Get Rating) and Lee Enterprises, Incorporated (LEE – Get Rating), which could be wise portfolio additions now. In contrast, BuzzFeed, Inc. (BZFD – Get Rating) could be avoided for the reasons mentioned in the article.

But before we get into the fundamentals of the stocks mentioned above, let us briefly discuss the publishing industry.

The publishing industry involves the production and marketing of information, including books, and can be found in newspapers, magazines, cards of various types, music, and directorial software.

It possesses immense relevance in keeping the readers entertained with useful information. Moreover, some evolving trends could help the industry thrive in the foreseeable future.

The increased demand for digital services has empowered the industry to find new and creative ways to engage audiences and improve operations. Most consumers are consuming information from social media and mobile applications. Hence, publishers are committed to greater use of AI and machine learning in the publishing process.

Digital publications, which garnered prominence in recent times, are embracing AI to boost performance and efficiency and simultaneously considering its impact on the editorial side of the business. The global digital market is poised to grow to…

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