2 Little-Known Electric Vehicle Stocks That Could Offer Massive Gains

The electrification of the auto industry is undeniable. Federal governments, all over the world, are committed to reducing pollution.  Consequently, the world is gradually shifting from fuel-run cars to electric vehicles (EVs)…

Improved automotive performance, government subsidies, and cost-efficiencies are the major incentives for car buyers to shift to EVs. The country’s expanding middle class and their increasing purchasing power should further help drive sales of EVs.

Niu Technologies (NIU – Get Rating) and AYRO Inc. (AYRO – Get Rating) are two lesser-known EV players that are well-positioned to garner a lot of investor attention given their ability to deliver robust returns in the years ahead.

Niu Technologies (NIU – Get Rating)

Based in the People’s Republic of China, NIU is involved in designing, manufacturing, and selling of smart electric-scooters, scooter accessories, lifestyle accessories, and performance upgrade components like wheels and brakes. NIU has a streamlined product portfolio consisting of seven EVs by offering four e-mopeds, two electric motorcycles, and a single bicycle.

NIU has maintained a fast pace of growth and has sold an accumulation of over 1 million smart electric two-wheeler vehicles worldwide. As of September 2020, the number of franchised stores in China was 1,266 while the international sales network expanded to 36 distributors covering 46 countries. In early October, the company opened its flagship store in Bristol, United Kingdom. The company also…

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